Create videos with your own actors and voice over in minutes

We're building the next generation video creation platform that's bringing AI-generated on-screen and voice talent to your fingertips.

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Get access to studio-level video production without the studio-level cost

Let's face it: video production is expensive. With Pipio, you can eliminate some of the most costly and time-consuming elements of video production, and focus on what’s most important: your audience.

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Access your own digital actors and voice over

Select your next brand spokesperson from our growing library of digital actors and voices or create your own.

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Produce customized video content for your users

Add a personalized video message to your marketing campaigns, customer outreach, sign up pages, and more.

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Engage your audience in multiple languages

Communicate with a broader audience by selecting from dozens of languages to translate your actor's dialogue in real-time.

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Implement rapid split testing for your campaigns

Optimize your conversion rates and test your content quickly by producing high-quality videos in minutes (not weeks).

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Quickly edit your video and audio content

Alter and adjust your actor's performance with a simple text editor. Doing a retake is now as simple as copying and pasting.

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Integrate and adjust your videos using our API

Whether it's a website greeting or a thank you email, you can easily incorporate your videos throughout the customer journey.

Discover the future of
video production

Check out our video to get a look at how artificial intelligence is shaping the next generation of video creation software. It's pretty cool ;)


Learn how we're helping scale video creation across industries

Below are just a few of the ways our AI-powered actors and voices are being used to create high-quality video on a budget.

Sales & Marketing

Two things that are known to improve conversions and user experience: personalization and video. Implement both throughout the customer journey with just a click, and start acquiring more prospects and customers.

  • Sign Up Emails
  • Video Newsletters
  • Product Demonstrations

Internal Communications

How you're communicating your message is just as important as the message itself. Implement a more visual, entertaining corporate communications strategy with our digital actors and voice over.

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Corporate Memos
  • Employee Training


Actors and narration have proven to be pivotal components of most successful educational videos. Increase engagement by adding your own digital characters and voice over to your e-learning content.

  • Tutorial & Explainer Videos
  • Online Courses
  • Presentations & Lectures

Meet the dream team that's bringing your AI characters to life

The only way to solve a problem like overpriced, time-consuming video production is with people who are dedicated to the cause. We know the issues being faced by content creators when it comes to making engaging, high-quality videos because we've lived them. From video editing and VFX to cutting edge deep learning to post-prodction, our team brings a wealth of experience to help bring your stories to life.

Mike studied Computer Science and Digital Video and Cinema at James Madison University, where he met his fiancé and self-proclaimed "badass" designer, Amanda Harner. An avid filmmaking enthusiast turned software engineer turned technical product manager, Mike is using his experience in video production, software development, and machine learning to help bring affordable, quality video to content creators everywhere.

His second toe is, like, half an inch longer than his big toe.

Mike Bittner

Bernardt received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2015 while studying part-time. With 18 years of experience in software development for modeling & simulation, computer graphics, computer vision and natural language understanding, he is the brains behind the revolutionary machine learning technology that is bringing Pipio's digital actors to life.

He enjoys power yoga, cycling and quad skating (still wants to try roller derby; his derby name would be ‘Fueler Connected’).

Bernardt Duvenhage

Machine Learning
Amanda studied Media Arts and Design and Computer Science at James Madison University and developed UX for some of the most design-focused and customer-centric companies in the world. She is a one-woman wrecking crew and Pipio's resident badass UI/UX/Product designer. Amanda is using her talents to bring Pipio's users a simple, stylish video making platform that helps creators produce quality videos in minutes.

On top of her design work, Amanda is an award-winning photographer, and loves jalapeñ borderline too much.

Amanda Harner

Product Design

We're on a mission to bring studio-level film production to your desktop

We believe that a storyteller's ability to communicate through video should be limited only by the depths of their imagination and not their wallet.

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  • Who We Are

    Pipio is an all-in-one video making platform for content creators. Our synthetic voice and video technology gives those looking to scale their production process the ability to save time and money while creating high-quality video content.

  • What We're Doing

    We are developing a text-to-video platform to help make the future of synthetic video production a reality.

  • Where We're Going

    We're looking to create a world in which the next blockbuster movie is created, not with a multimillion dollar budget and an A-list director, but on a 15" laptop by a struggling film student. With your help, we can redefine the way video is created.

Our Commitment
to Ethical AI

We embrace a special obligation to society to maintain the privacy of our fellow human beings as well as to deploy this technology responsibly and with restraint. We promise to promote and ensure the ethical use of artificial intelligence in all of our products and services and throughout the world.

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